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Towing & Transportation

The service needs of our transportation industry related customers may vary, but all have one thing in common, response time is critical. All City Communications has the experience and ability to respond to any call related to the towing and transportation industry.
  • Towing Companies - Our operators can assist in prioritizing the dispatch of tow truck drivers for police calls, emergency road side assistance calls and individual calls.
  • Busing Companies - Breakdowns, missed pickups, schedule interruptions require immediate attention, coordinated communications, and accurate information all of which can be efficiently and quickly done by our operators. We can also provide pricing and schedule information to interested customers, as well as assist with booking services.
  • Limousine/Taxi Services - Our operators have the ability to schedule services, properly respond to breakdowns, missed pickups, scheduled pick up changes and all other last minute issues which require coordinated communications between your drivers and your customers.
The benefits of using All City Communications include:
  • 24/7/365 Live Answering Support - Emergencies, breakdowns, schedule changes, missed pick-ups or deliveries can occur at any time, even on holidays. To give you peace of mind that you will never miss a call, our answering service is staffed and ready to answer any calls live, without a recorded greeting, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Emergency Dispatching - Our operators screen calls based on the criteria you design, and following your established protocols can make the determination between an emergency call or a routine call. Dispatching those calls in accordance with your instructions.
  • Save you Money - We can keep your staffing cost down by acting as your dispatcher, providing pricing and schedule information and/or scheduling services.
  • Increase your Business - By providing you with increased accessibility to your customers, and our ability to assist in dispatching, communicating schedule changes and scheduling appointments, our services can assist you in increasing your current business while still providing exceptional customer service to your existing customers.
All City Communications can deliver your messages through:
  • Text/Email - We can send a text or email message immediately after each call we answer for you. Text or email messages can be sent to multiple phone numbers or email addresses in accordance with your instructions.
  • Patching - We can patch calls to the on call person whenever and wherever.
  • Live Operator Assistance - Call at any time of the day or night to retrieve your messages.
  • Fax - Receive all of your messages via fax at a time that is convenient to you.
  • Pager - We can send to all pager types.
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